How to Cope with Exam Results – focus on the road ahead

Exam result time is always stressful and this year it is possibly more stressful than usual because the results have been taken out of your control to a large extent.  The results you will be given are not based solely on your personal effort during coursework but is also dependent upon statistics previously attained by your school or college.  This is unfair to those of you who have worked hard and excelled.  

Your exam results are a badge which tell the world something about your competence and will open or close doors to future opportunities.  It feels massively important and no wonder it is stressful.  But wait a moment and consider another way of looking at things.

You are not alone because of course everyone this year is in the same boat.  Any exam results from this year will be taken in context.  Future employers, colleges or universities will understand the difficulties faced by this year’s school leavers and will make allowances. 

If your results are lower than you had hoped it will be a blow of course. It may be that you have been treated unfairly.  But you need to be really strong.  You need to dig deep into the strength of your character and find a way to accept the results and move forward with what you have. Because you need to act fast to find the opportunities that are available to you, whether this is through clearing or apprenticeships, internships or jobs.  

You see everyone will find disappointment at some stage in life and this is where you get to practice finding your positivity and resilience so you can bounce back quickly.  Allow yourself a short time to feel the blow.  Then remind yourself that this is not a catastrophe.  You are still whole and capable.  Exam results do not define you as a person.  Life will come good again. And focus on the road ahead.

Exam results may have an effect on the next stage of your journey, your first job or your choice of where and what to study.  It may delay the next stage if you have to take your exams in the autumn.  But this is not the end of the road.  And this does not cloud your future.  However your results turn out life will present you with opportunities and will keep on doing so.  In a few years your exam results will be insignificant as you move you forward and gain experience.

Staying positive, believing in yourself and being brave enough to chase opportunities, even when you are quaking inside, this is what will change your life for the better, far more than any exam results.

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