You want to feel better

Your thoughts and feelings are all in your head. So why can’t you just think yourself better? Because no one taught you how.

Many brilliant minds throughout history have worked on this problem from the Buddha to today’s neuroscientists. There are many tools and techniques and insights to help you to gain control of your thoughts and feelings and I have compiled these into an easy to understand guide in my book called ‘Happy Anyway‘.

Next Steps…

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” I would thoroughly recommend this book to both teenagers and adults alike who are struggling with low self esteem, or anxiety problems. It has the potential in my view to be a true life changer for whoever reads it”

“This made my heart sing. Practical, easy and heart-felt tips for a happier life. Thank you”

“I can’t recommend it highly enough. Even if you don’t think you need it – yes you do!”

“This book is truly remarkable! Never before have I enjoyed, listened to and engaged in a self-help book as much as this one in my years of struggling to find true happiness. “

“If only I’d read something like this before, it would have saved me a lot of counselling”

“I’ve read the whole book through completely twice, and I find that it’s really useful book, and the way it’s written is really calming in itself. Each section is focussed and full of good and clear advice.”